The most Complete and Best POS Systems.
The most Complete and
Best POS System
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Secure Ordering Guaranteed

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The Best Complete POS Systems

The Electronic Avenue, Inc - Aldelo Distributor.

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Choose the bundled system that is the most Complete and
Best POS System for your restaurant, retail store or grocery store.

The Best POS Systems Bundled!

Lifetime hardware and software support, 3 years hardware warranty, Free Software Training.
Best and most complete Retail POS Systems

CLICK IMAGE FOR Complete Retail 
POS System
Best and most complete Restaurant POS Systems

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POS System
The Best Refurbished POS Systems

CLICK IMAGE FOR Refurbished Hardware

Point of Sale Software for Restaurants.

Free Lifetime Tech Support when we do the credit card processing, 3 years hardware warranty,
free software training and will build menu in POS Restaurant software also for free. We will give you a better
quote for the credit card processing you are getting now, guaranteed.
Authorized Distributor.

Aldelo POS

Aldelo EDC integration for credit card processing.

Aldelo EDC software integration for seamless credit card processing.

Credit Card Processing

Aldelo EDC.
Aldelo POS Online menus for customer ordering.

Online Ordering

Online menus for restaurants.
Aldelo Wireless software.

Aldelo Wireless Solutions

Wireless POS Solutions.


Point of Sale Software for Retail

24/7 support when we do the credit card processing, 3 years hardware warranty, Software Training, keep track of Inventory. We will give you a better quote for the credit card processing you are getting now, guaranteed.
Regit Retail POS Software is an inexpensive and simple software and yet still has a lot of features for the small to mid-size retail store.

Regit Retail POS Software

Regit POS Retail Software is designed with everything you need for the smaller retail stores.

Cash Register Express works well with Retail and Grocery Stores.

Cash Register Express
Single Station
Per Station

Cash Register Express POS Software for Retail Stores

Aldelo POS software can work well with retail stores also.

Retail Stores

The Electronic Avenue offers the Best and most complete Restaurant POS Software.

ICG Retail Software is the perfect choice for any retail store, liguor store, convenience store, grocery store, clothing or shoe store. Take control of the business with inventory management and ordering system integrated with accounting software and staff management of time and payroll.

16 Languages

This is the recommended Retail POS Software for any retail store. This software has more features including accounting and payroll than any others on the market. You will be impressed.


Value Added Services for all business.

Best Credit Card Processing Merchant Accounts
Credit Card Processing, Gift Cards, Online Customer Orders and Paging Products .
We will give you a better quote for the credit card processing you are getting now, guaranteed.
The Best Credit Card Processing Merchant Accounts
Credit Card Processing

Best and most complete Gift Cards available.

Gift Cards
Loyalty Cards

The Best and most complete Online Ordering System available.

Customer Orders from Your Web site

staff paging system available.

Customer Paging Coasters

Save a lot of money when you shop with us.

Advantages of Shopping with Us

  • Family Owned and Customer Friendly
  • We will do our best to save you money
  • A total ONE STOP SHOP is available
  • Only one phone call from sales to tech support end
  • Only quality hardware and software for the best POS System
When there is a business partnership developed, you will see why The Electronic Avenue has been in business since 1996. No high pressure selling. The Electronic Avenue sales and technical staff are the experts with all POS hardware, software and services!

Whether you own a restaurant, grocery store, or retail location you'll need a reliable POS system that you can trust to work well every second of every day. You may need it for a new startup business, or to replace older machines in need of an update. No matter what your business requires, we have the most Complete and Best POS System for your company, and we are waiting to ship to you! We sell touch screen monitors, all-in-one computers, barcode scanners, receipt printers among many, many other important items and services required for your business.

Businesses make the most money when everything is running smoothly. No matter what type of business you own, if you are selling to your customers face-to-face, you need a quality POS (point-of-sale) system. Besides the hardware, software and services we sell, we know that we must sell ourselves along with honesty, integrity in order to develop your trust in us and our products and services. We have refurbished replacement parts, peripherals like printers and pin pads, and a full library of the the most Complete and Best POS System POS software. We also offer a lifetime of technical support for all products purchased from us.

Your new POS system will allow payment through credit/debit cards, checks, cash, and gift cards. You will need a reliable company to handle your credit/debit card processing, and it can be difficult to find someone to do your processing for a reasonable price. We offer credit/debit card processing at the lowest prices, and if we can't offer you a lower rate, we will give you $100. The the most Complete and Best POS System deserves the best processing service, and getting it all in one place will simplify your purchase.

If you have a limited purchasing budget, leasing may be a viable option for your company. We have financing available with the lowest possible payment guaranteed. Your business is important to us and we will do whatever we can to ensure your complete satisfaction with the services we provide. Call or email us today to learn more about everything we can do for your company

Tech Support for the best POS System.

24/365 Tech Support

  • If you have a problem we will help you solve it
  • Any time, day or night
  • When you call you will talk to a real person
  • You can receive help with hardware, software and services
  • Friendly people working with you for the best solution
The Electronic Avenue will help with basic issues to networking and installations remotely. If the problems are not able to be handled remotely, then you will be sent out another item immediately. If you did not purchase any POS items from The Electronic Avenue and you need support, we do have support plans for you so you do not have to be down and losing money. You may also receive free support if we do the credit card processing. If you do not want us to do the credit card processing then go to to view our tech support plans. 

The Electronic Avenue will work with your schedule.


Free Shipping is available with all ground orders with FedEx or UPS in the US. If you are on a crunch for time then we can ship anything and everything faster with reduced shipping cost. You will still not pay full price for shipping even if you want your system tomorrow.

The Electronic Avenue will work hard to satisfy your POS needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We guarantee you will be totally satisfied with the Best POS system hardware, software, support and services available.

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The Electronic Avenue, Inc. will work hard for a win, win situation. We want you to have the best hardware, software and value added programs available.
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